Food Safety Course (Hospitality Sector)

Want to enhance your employment opportunities in the Food Industry? Want to lay the foundations and build up your knowledge in relation to the Hospitality Sector? Then studying Food Safety is an essential aspect of the Food and Hospitality industry. The course consists of one Unit: SITXFSA001 – Using hygienic practices for food safety.

This course is designed to ensure that food workers can handle food safely; identify, control and report food safety hazards; and comply with personal hygiene standards.

Level 1: SITXFSA001 – Using hygienic practices for food safety (Entry level Unit)

SITXFSA001 is an entry level unit for Food Safety Supervisor course within the hospitality sector as well as a standalone accredited unit for those wanting to become food handlers. It includes the basic food safety practices such as personal hygiene and conduct, food handling, housekeeping, and waste disposal and responsibilities in areas which involve the preparation or serving of food in an establishment such as bars, cafes, clubs or hotels

Unit Overview

In this unit skills and knowledge required to use personal hygiene practices to prevent contamination of food that might cause food-borne illnesses are taught. It requires the ability to follow predetermined organisational procedures and to identify and control food hazards.

Course Duration

The course will run over 1 day, over a period of 6 hours.

Course Assessment

Students will be assessed during the classroom session through written, question and answer, multiple choice and demonstration of skills. Assessment will confirm knowledge and skills have been achieved to demonstrate competency across the unit. Students are offered multiple opportunities to demonstrate knowledge and skills throughout the program. If a student is not successful in completing all assessments satisfactorily, they will need to rebook the course at the full course fee.

Entry requirements

Applicants are not required to complete any pre-requisite training however should have basic understanding of the English language.

Professional Recognition

(Level 1)

The unit can be used applies to all organisations with permanent or temporary kitchen premises or smaller food preparation or bar areas. This includes restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels, and bars; tour operators; attractions; function, event, exhibition and conference catering; educational institutions; aged care facilities; correctional centres; hospitals; defence forces; cafeterias, kiosks, canteens and fast food outlets; residential catering; in-flight and other transport catering. It applies to food handlers who directly handle food or food contact surfaces such as cutlery, plates and bowls during the course of their daily work activities. This includes cooks, chefs, caterers, kitchen stewards, kitchen hands, bar, and food and beverage attendants, and sometimes room attendants and front office staff.


Fee for service: $80.00 (Inclusive of 10% GST)


Once a competent mark is awarded, learners will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety. This Unit of Competency is Nationally Recognised Training from Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package.

How to apply

To apply for enrolment in this course please contact VASS College of Vocational Education by phone, email, fax or in person as per the details below. Our staff would love to talk with you about your study goals to determine the best course for you.

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